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Dragomir Dimitrov: Śabdālaṁkāradoṣavibhāga. Die Unterscheidung der Lautfiguren und der Fehler. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag 2011. XII, 923 S. (Veröffentlichungen der Helmuth von Glasenapp-Stiftung. Monographien 2.) ISBN 978-3-447-06495-8. € 178,-.

Seiten 273 - 275

DOI https://doi.org/10.13173/zeitdeutmorggese.164.1.0273

Portland (Oregon)

1 The second being vv. 3.125–87, on the ten doṣa to avoid in poetic composition. Dimitrov, surprisingly, offers few remarks on this aspect of his subject.

2 Mārgavibhāga. Die Unterscheidung der Stilarten. Marburg 2002 (Indica et Tibetica 40). That earlier work could not of course benefit in great measure from the rediscovered manuscript. Ratnaśrījñāna's commentary is otherwise known only through the edition of Thakur and Jha. Oddly enough, the single manuscript on which Thakur and Jha base their edition has apparently gone missing (n. 109, p. 47; their description of it is quoted, p. 97).

3 Ratnaśrījñāna's commentary was known to De, who apparently did not recognize its antiquity: cf. remarks in Sanskrit Poetics (Calcutta 21960), vol. 1, pp. 69, 71.

4 Dimitrov dismisses the compiler of the Petersburg Dictionary as a prisoner of his times (p. 247) —a thought that we moderns especially might do well to ponder! The appended footnote (no. 3) attributes “expectations” to Böhtlingk that are in themselves dubious, even if he did not have the advantage (as we do) of witnessing the remarkable virtuosity displayed in a paṇḍitasabhā!

5 Cf. note ad 3.124, p. 208; also pp. 98–99 (source labeled “W”).


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