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Jürgen Hanneder: Mokṣopāya – Weg zur Erlösung. München: P. Kirchheim Verlag 2012. 175 S., Abb. (Indologica Marpurgensia 4.) ISBN 978-3-87410-143-1. € 38,90.

Pages 859 - 862


Portland (Oregon)

1 Both reviewed by the undersigned in: ZDMG 163 (2013), pp. 568–571.

2 Reviewed by the undersigned in: ZDMG 160 (2010), pp. 511–515.

3 The cultural ambiguity of the MU is also instanced by this curious episode: Līlā is in fact not seeking her own deathlessness, but that of her beloved, Padma—thus behaving like a satī, but the widsom that she gains is seamlessly made available to her consort—something like a reverse anusaraṇam! The Orphic analogy is not therefore quite satisfactory: here poetry does conquer death …


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