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Jörg Henning Hüsemann: Das Altertum vergegenwärtigen. Eine Studie zum Shuijing zhu des Li Daoyuan. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag 2017. 371 S. (Leipziger Sinologische Studien 1.) ISBN 978-3-96023-101-1. € 33,–.

Pages 510 - 514



1 The author uses throughout the book the pinyin-system for transliteration.

2 Hüsemann translates the term ching 經 with the word “Leitfaden” (guideline) which we find inappropriate. Taking the general scholarly and bibliographic traditions into account it is clear that the term ching exonerates a book and elevates it to a position well above any other type of literary production. Of course, ching can mean to pass through or to lead on (to pass through), but in this bibliographic and historic context “guideline/Leitfaden” does not do justice to the term and concept.

3 F. C. Reiter: “The Description of Mountains in Li Yüan's Book of the Rivers of Shu (Shu-shui ching).” In: ZDMG 140 (1990), pp. 123–143.


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