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Eine unveröffentlichte Rezension des Akademikers Isaak Jakob Schmidt über zwei kalmükische Grammatiken (1847)

Hartmut Walravens

Pages 153 - 162


Isaak Jakob Schmidt (1779–1847), the founder of Mongolian studies in Europe, hoped to win a young linguist, Bernhard Jülg (1825–1886) who had just received his doctorate with a thesis on Calmuck grammar at Kiel University. Schmidt was pleased with the work and wrote a very positive review including a recommendation to appoint Jülg adjunct at the Petersburg Academy of Sciences. But Schmidt passed away before decisive action could be taken and Jülg had to make his living as a classical philologist. So far this story was considered just oral tradition; besides, Jülg's thesis was lost, both in Kiel and in St. Petersburg. Now Schmidt's handwritten review came to light in the Academy Archives in St. Petersburg and is published here for the first time.


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