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The Son of the King: Iranistic Notes on Gāndhārī kṣabura

Niels Schoubben

Seiten 149 - 153

DOI https://doi.org/10.13173/ZDMG/2022/1/9

Summary: The hitherto obscure Gāndhārī word kṣabura- should be compared with the famous Middle Persian title/name /šā(h)buhr/ ‘son of the king’ and has been borrowed from one of the Iranian-speaking groups that have invaded Gāndhāra, such as the Indo-Scythians or the Indo-Parthians. The Gāndhārī kṣabura- still preserves the initial *xš- in the Iranian word, which is in accord with its ultimate etymology from *xšāyaθiya-puθra-.


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