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Šaǧara-i Turk and Mongol History

Zühal Ölmez

Pages 439 - 450


Šaǧara-i Turk (“Family tree of the Turks”) was written in the 17 th century by Abulghazi Bahadir Khan. This work is concerned with the history of the Khans of the Shiban Uzbek, ruling over Khwarazm beginning around the second half of the 15 th century. The article examines the information about Mongolian history based on the text that was transcribed on the basis of the two copies of the work at Göttingen University. The information given in this work was compared with other historical sources (Ǧamiü’t-tevārix, Tārix-i Ǧihāngüšā, Secret History) in which information about the Mongols are given. The accuracy of the information in the Šaǧara-i Turk was determined according to this comparison.

This article is written in English.


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