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Das Kapitel über die „schönen Namen Gottes‟ im Talḫīṣ al-adilla li-qawāʿid at-tauḥīd des Abū Isḥāq as-Ṣaffār al-Buḫārī (gest. 534/1139)

Pages 375 - 406



The article focuses on the significance of the Divine names in the theological concept of aṣ-Ṣaffār al-Buḫārī, a follower of Abū Manṣūr al-Māturīdī's (d. 333/944). Usually conceived as a subject of pious devotion or dealt with in specific treatises concentrating on linguistic aspects, the theory of the Divine names reflects fundamental differences in the conception of Divine attributes as it is represented in Muʿtazilī, Ašʿarī and Māturīdī writings. Principally based upon the analysis of the relation name—named (al-ism wa-l-musammā), it is demonstrated how the Divine names are being integrated in an extensive system of kalām and, by this, expand this system from a merely rhetorical base of discussion to a means of understanding the relationship of God to mankind as a main component of the religious discourse.



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