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Recommend Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft

Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft

Edited on behalf of the Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft by Roland Steiner with the assistance of Christian Bauer, Dragomir Dimitrov, Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst, Lutz Edzard, Herrmann Jungraithmayr, Karénina Kollmar-Paulenz, Joachim Friedrich Quack, Florian C. Reiter, Julian Rentzsch, Jens Scheiner and Michael Streck

Erscheinungsweise: 2 issues a year
ISSN: 0341-0137
e-ISSN: 2747-4402

The Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft (ZDMG) is the central publication medium of German Oriental studies. Its spectrum (orient) comprises the Far East and Africa as well. Articles and reviews, mostly in German, English, and French, deal with the respective cultures, their languages and their history (i.a.). Subject of the ZDMG are source studies, topics on real history, literature, art history and religious history. Working methods of philology and historical science carry special importance. The individual issues touch upon different countries and cultures and are designed to be very versatile. Topics from modern and contemporary history are considered as well. ZDMG is also open to specialists from abroad as a publication medium.

Current Issue

Issue 1 / 2024