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Anne Peters: Birmanische Handschriften, Teil 8. Die Katalognummern 1376–1597. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag 2014. xxv, 293 S. (VOHD XXIII, 8.) ISBN 978-3-515-10713-6. € 69,–.

Pages 513 - 516


New Brunswick (New Jersey)

1 Unfortunately this table may be already obsolete, as the printed catalogues to the collection of the Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation, published in 2014 and 2015, have discarded their “title” numbers in favor of “manuscript” numbers.

2 Henceforth: Bse.

3 “New History of Pali and Buddhist Scriptural Literature in Burma.” Yangon 2003.

4 A. Kirichenko: “The Making of a Culprit: Atula Hsayadaw Shin Yasa and the Politics of Monastic Reform in Eighteenth-Century Burma.” In: Journal of Burma Studies 15, 2 (2011), pp. 189–229.

5 The terms “curator” or “keeper” might be more adequate in some contexts, for according to certain monastic legal opinions from early 17th century Burma, manuscripts were regarded as items that could not be “owned” by individual monks and were excluded from typical classifications of monastic property. See D. C. Lammerts: “Genres and Jurisdictions: Laws Governing Monastic Inheritance in Seventeenth-Century Burma.” In R. French/ M. Nathan (eds.): Buddhism and Law: An Introduction. New York 2014, pp. 183–197.


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