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Zur semantischen und etymologischen Erklärung von Pahlavi und der verwandten Begriffe. Beiträge zur Erklärung der mittelpersischen Rechts- und Religionsterminologie. II

Pages 351 - 368


In the beginning of the paper two fragments of the Pahlavi Rivāyat accompanying the Dādestān ī dēnīg 41.1 and of the Mādayān ī hazār dādestān A 15.9–11 are examined, which prove to be identical. It is shown that the former can only be understood as a quotation of the latter. The obscure words of the two passages can thus be mutually verified, and the common translation can be made. The main body of the paper focuses on the form <nkylʾyykl> occurring with slight differences in the two fragments concerned. A survey of the contexts, in which the basic form <nkylʾy> and some of its derivatives occure, is undertaken. On the basis of the semantics of the term, its rectified etymology and transcription are suggested.



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