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Lothar Ledderose 雷德候 / Sun Hua 孫華 (ed.): Buddhist Stone Sutras in China, Sichuan Province. Vol. 1. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag / Hangzhou: China Academy of Art Press 2014. 441 S. ISBN 978-3-447-06932-8. € 148,–.

Pages 256 - 258



1 We indicate for the general reader the page numbers of the texts in English.

2 Tsai Suey-ling: “Feng Shui of the Reclining Buddha.” In: F. C. Reiter (ed.): Theory and Reality of Feng Shui in Architecture and Landscape Art, International Conference in Berlin. Wiesbaden 2013 (AAS 41), pp. 79–103.


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