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Deconstructing Banzu and Longyamen: The Daoyi zhilüe (1349) in the New Early History of Singapore

Johannes L. Kurz

Pages 455 - 480


At the core of the present article is a critical survey of the interpretations of
the Daoyi zhilüe 島夷誌略 (Brief account of island barbarians,
1349) that have helped establish Banzu 班卒 as a precursor of Singapore since the
1990s. Among the conclusions drawn from the original text by modern researchers
are the identifications of Danmaxi 單馬錫 as Temasik on Singapore Island; Longyamen
龍牙門 (Dragon Teeth Strait) as Keppel Harbour or Keppel Strait; and the existence
of a sojourning community of merchants from southern Fujian there. These
assumptions are scrutinized through a close reading of the original text and the
relevant secondary literature. I suggest that the new early history of Singapore
is the result of partial interpretations of the original text published

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