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,,Wie der Amboß des Schmiedes“. Vergleiche aus dem Umfeld des Schmiedes in der altarabischen Poesie

Werner Diem

Pages 61 - 76


As in many societies, blacksmiths played the role of outsiders in pre-Modern Arab society. On the one hand, they belonged to the lower strata of society, while, on the other hand, they enjoyed a certain reputation since they forged iron by means of fire. The fascination of Arabs of pre-Islamic and early Islamic times for the tools and work of the blacksmith is attested by comparisons found in Arabic poetry. Those comparisons, which are dealt with in the present paper, concern the anvil, the hammer, the bellows, the file and the whetstone, as well as the noise produced during forging and filing, the flying sparks caused by forging, and other phenomena. Many comparisons concern the camel and its body parts, but they also extend to other animals and to humans.


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