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Mark McClish: The History of the Arthaśāstra. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2019. 306 pp. ISBN 978-1-108-47690-4. £ 75,-.

Harald Wiese

Pages 519 - 521



1 R.P. Kangle: The Kautiliya Arthaśastra. Part I: Sanskrit Text with a Glossary. Bombay 21969.

2 McClish (pp. 22-23, 109) can point to the interesting parallel of the Caraka Saṃhita which is named by the redactor, not the original composer (Agniveśa).

3 Chapter 6 is a summary of the first part.

4 Compare p. 178, fn. 10.

5 H. Wiese (“Indian principal-agent theory, or, how Varuṇa helps the king to be just.” In: Asiatische Studien – Études Asiatiques 7 [2016]), pp. 571-589) argues for a similarly power-centred interpretation of KAŚ 4.13.42-43 (the Varuṇa rule). McClish assigns the whole chapter 4.13 to the redaction.


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