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Notes on Some Difficult Passages of the Haṭhapradīpikā

Maria Marcinkowska-Rosół, Sven Sellmer

Pages 101 - 121


The article deals with the Sanskrit haṭhayogic treatise Haṭhapradīpikā (ca. middle 15th c. ce). It offers a discussion of selected passages that pose special problems to our understanding of the text in the light of existing translations and commentaries. Concretely, new interpretations are proposed for stanzas HP 2.72c–f, 3.108–109, 4.45 and 4.65 (numeration according to Digambarji/Kokaje 2016), and 3.96 (numeration according to Iyangar 1972). Emphasis has been laid on a detailed philological analysis of the evidence in close confrontation with both the traditional exegesis (epitomised by the 19th c. commentator Brahmānanda) and modern opinions.


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