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Einige neue Gedanken zur möglichen Identität des ägyptischen „śnfr.w“-Vogels in den Gräbern des HwyꜢ, IꜤḥ-mś und Mry-RꜤ zu Amarna

Stefan Bojowald

Pages 227 - 231


In this contribution, a new facet of the Egyptian bird name “śnfr.w” is worked out. The only evidence for this word can be found in the tombs of HwyꜢ, IꜤḥ-mś and Mry-RꜤ at Amarna. The text there attributes black plumage to the bird as an external characteristic. The determination as a raven, which has already been proposed several times, is supported and argumentatively expanded. The beauty of the bird, which can be deduced from the name, seems to play a special role. The choice can be secured by sufficient parallels.


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