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Simo Parpola/Robert M. Whiting (Hrsg.): Assyrian-English-Assyrian Dictionary. Helsinki: The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project 2007. xxii, 289 S. ISBN 978-952-10-1332-4. $ 75,—.

Pages 469 - 471



1 See S. Parpola's 1988 pioneering paper on Proto-Assyrian in: H. Waetzoldt/H. Hauptmann (eds.): Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft von Ebla. Heidelberg 1988 (Heidelberger Studien zum Alten Orient 2), pp. 293–298, and M. Hilgert: “New Perspectives in the Study of Third Millennium Akkadian.” In: Cuneiform Digital Library Journal 2003:4, esp. n. 57.

2 One ought not to forget J. M. Sasson's 1973 English-Akkadian Analytical Index to the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary. It was limited to the volumes then available and was distributed privately and by request but never officially published.

3 T. Kämmerer/D. Schwiderski: Deutsch-Akkadisches Wörterbuch. Münster 1998 (AOAT 255).


5 Wiesbaden 2000.


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