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Gordon Nickel: Narratives of Tampering in the Earliest Commentaries on the Qur'ān. Leiden and Boston: Brill 2011. XI, 255 S. (History of Christian-Muslim Relations 13.) ISBN 978-90-04-19238-6. € 103,—.

Seiten 541 - 544

DOI https://doi.org/10.13173/zeitdeutmorggese.163.2.0541


1 Wansbrough, as Nickel reminds us, was influenced by Goldziher, who explicitly linked the Tafsīr of Muqātil to the activities of popular preachers (quṣṣāṣ) who sought to convince their audiences that they were experts on sacred history by furnishing details such as the name of the golden calf or of the wolf which allegedly ate Joseph.


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