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Vestiges of Proto-Tai Clusters in 15th Century Inscriptions from Northern Thailand

Pages 211 - 214



1 See Li Fang Kuei 李方桂: A Handbook of comparative Tai. Honolulu 1977 (Oceanic Linguistics, Special Publication 15).

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3 Four inscriptions considered here bear an inventory number from Lamphun (Lb.); however, they originate from other provinces, such as Chiangrai or Chiangmai. This has been noted below. The inventory numbers given are those from the official register at the National Library, Bangkok.

4 Li § 11.3 (9), pp. 226–228.

5 See D.S. Strecker: Proto-Tai personal pronouns. PhD thesis, University of Michigan 1984, pp. 99 ff.


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